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Redefining outsourcing

Redefining outsourcing

From its inception, TELUS International has strived to be the leading brand ambassador of customer experience innovators, redefining the global outsourcing industry through our spirited teamwork and caring culture.

Strategic outsourcing

As the global arm of TELUS – a leading Canadian telecommunications company with over CAD $14 billion of annual revenue and 13.3 million subscriber connections – TELUS International employs over 32,000 people with customer experience delivery centers in 10 countries serving customers in over 40 languages.

Creating a new kind of BPO

In 2005, TELUS selected the Philippines as a customer care outsourcing destination based on that nation’s affinity to North American culture and its highly-educated English-speaking population.

The first challenge was finding an outsourcing partner that aligned with the TELUS culture and highly-engaged workforce in an industry primarily driven by cost reduction. TELUS also required a partner that could emulate the company’s unique brand experience without risking its commitment to Likelihood to Recommend.

Manila-based Ambergris Solutions was eventually selected to support TELUS in 2005 and was re-branded to TELUS International Philippines in 2007. Many of the customers acquired through that acquisition are still with us today. Although new to the BPO scene, TELUS International was quickly establishing itself as a very different kind of BPO, with TELUS agents in Manila routinely performing at the same level as their Canadian counterparts.

The start of TELUS International
The start of TELUS International

Going global

In December 2006, a series of powerful earthquakes occurred off the coast of Taiwan, damaging the undersea cables and disrupting telephone and Internet access in Asia. In response, TELUS recognized the importance of true network redundancy – addressing the need for business continuity and disaster recovery on a more global scale.

Once again, TELUS began its search to find a partner that could best reflect its culture of putting customers first, giving back to the community, investing in team member development and valuing high employee engagement.

With the growing demand from U.S.-based companies for Spanish-language support, TELUS reviewed hundreds of potential Central American call center providers, eventually selecting Transactel, a nearshore BPO provider with a stellar reputation as an employer of choice in both Guatemala and El Salvador.

TELUS International growth & expansion
2008 – 2011

Adding U.S. onshore delivery

In addition to offshore and nearshore delivery, U.S. companies expressed an interest in bringing U.S. onshore work to TELUS International. Rather than acquire an existing provider, in 2008, TELUS International invested in a U.S.-based facility in Las Vegas, Nevada that would later hold over 1,000 contact center seats.

We chose Nevada for its access to both English and Spanish-speaking customer service talent. From a business continuity perspective, Nevada was also a main western data hub and home to the most advanced technology infrastructure due to its low susceptibility to natural disasters.

Going even more global

Applying its proven formula of investing in local call center companies and then leveraging their strong recruitment brands and market expertise, TELUS International made its next acquisition in 2012, investing in a European company named CallPoint.

With locations in Bulgaria and Romania, CallPoint provided TELUS International with immediate access to talented, highly-educated agents capable of speaking over 35 languages. Furthermore, its local founders embodied a culture of caring, treating their employees like family.

Our partnership with CallPoint also offered TELUS (our parent company) another French language support option outside of Canada. Like Ambergris and Transactel, CallPoint eventually became a full member of the TELUS International family and was rebranded in early 2014.

2012 - 2015+
2012 – 2015+

Reaching a $1 billion valuation

Continuing the growth story, in 2016, Baring Private Equity Asia invested in TELUS International taking a 35% stake in the company.  A well-established firm celebrating 20 years in business, Baring Asia was the perfect fit for TELUS International. As an equity partner, Baring Asia is equally committed to sustaining a thriving corporate culture, working with the best clients and partners, and putting both customers and employees first. The investment valued TELUS International at over U.S. $1 billion.

2016 – 2017+

Partnering for CX innovation aimed at fast-growing tech

And likewise, continuing the acquisition story, in 2017, TELUS International acquired Voxpro – an Ireland-headquartered company with over 2,700 team members across Ireland, the U.S., Romania and the Philippines. Now operating as Voxpro – powered by TELUS International, Voxpro brings a track record of supporting the world’s most innovative technology companies, helping them evolve and scale into some of today’s most renowned global brands.

Defining our future together

We’ve grown into a global player in the BPO industry because of our commitment to doing things differently. As we look to the future, we’re focused on continued growth, bringing our compelling contact center, BPO, ITO and advisory services to companies with strong corporate cultures and complementary values.

If you’d like to learn more about working with us, please reach out. We look forward to writing the next chapter of our story – and yours!

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