How micro customer experiences leave a big impact

Mirco Customer ExperiencesWe talk a lot about how our corporate culture makes us unique. We talk about our high engagement, low attrition, corporate social responsibility programs like the TELUS Days of Giving, and so on.

But we don’t talk often enough about the little things – how important it is to create magical moments out of the everyday opportunities that can leave a lasting impression.

As Michael Falcon writes in his Business 2 Community article, “How Creating Micro Customer Experiences Can Be Your Greatest Competitive Advantage,” micro customer experiences are the “small, subtle, affordable and memorable touches that resonate with your customers for years.” And they really matter.

There are lots of posts showcasing companies’ efforts to go above and beyond customer experience expectations, outlining the great lengths they took to please a customer (some examples include WestJet’s  Father’s Day video and TELUS’ Greatest Connection series). However, what are you routinely doing to please your customers, day in and day out? What does your customer service look like when the cameras are off?

Going above and beyond in customer service

As one example, we have a client at TELUS International with high-value customers who spend a lot of money and time with the product and who, we felt, deserve special, white glove service because of their loyalty and dedication. As a result, we launched a dedicated customer service queue for these high-value customers.

The agents know to take the time to ask how the customers are doing, simple questions that drive engagement. The conversations are not only about support but also extend into asking how their kids are doing or where they’re going on vacation. Over time, customers have gotten to know the agents and ask for certain agents by name, making an otherwise unpleasant call to a contact center much more pleasant!

Tips for creating micro customer experiences that matter

Here are a few tips for creating everyday micro customer experiences that really matter:

  • Empower your staff to personalize the experience. Rather than sticking to a routine script, allow your team the chance to have a bit of fun, while supporting the voice and brand values of your company.
  • Employ the art of surprise! For one TELUS International customer, when customers write an email to tech support, we call them back by phone whenever possible. It saves everyone time, eliminates lots of back and forth, and it has resulted in much higher customer satisfaction scores. It’s unexpected, but always appreciated.
  • Pay attention to the details. Customers are remarkably good at telling you what they want, and when. Listen to them, and then do it. As noted in Micah Solomon’s Forbes blog post, “Are These The 13 Worst Customer Service Mistakes Ever?,” a lot of the mistakes companies make can be considered relatively small, but they frustrate customers to no end.
  • Fix it when things go wrong. In any business, things go wrong. There is almost always an opportunity to make it right.
  • Say thank you. Then say thank you again.

Closing thoughts

Delivering customer service with impact often starts with having a customer service culture in the first place. Partnering with Frost & Sullivan, we’ve explored the impacts of corporate culture in the call center, including its ability to delight customers. For more on this topic, and why culture matters so much in a customer service environment, download the study:

CTA Culture Paper

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