Customer service in gaming Рbest practices 

Looking to ‘pwn’ at player support? Gamers want to battle to save the princess, not for decent player support. Discover insights and best practices for delivering exceptional customer service from TELUS International, a leader in outsourced player support, serving some of the biggest titles in the gaming industry.


This e-book covers:

  • How to manage the distinct customer support expectations of gamers, including mobile players.
  • Why self-service is critical and how to make it a priority.
  • How gamer feedback and social media have changed the player and maker relationship.
  • Top tips for hiring and retaining gamer customer support agents.

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From the e-book

When a game crashes in the middle of a raid, or the graphics frame rate is unbearably slow, a gamer wants to be able to get quick help from someone who can empathize with them. After all, any amount of time the game is paused due to a glitch or more complicated technical problem is too much time. Thankfully, some parts of a gamers' experience are relatively predictable, making the development of a smooth customer service approach a little easier.