Customer experience strategies for tech brands & marketplace disruptors

The fourth issue of Customers First magazine is now available. Learn how technology brands are managing customer data, launching omnichannel support, retaining Millennials, and importantly, ensuring high-tech always remains high-touch.


In this issue, discover:

  • Why Millennials prefer banking with non-financial brands
  • How the new partnership between TELUS International and Voxpro is redefining customer experience.
  • A practical guide to successful omnichannel execution
  • How player support is evolving to meet modern tech disruptions
  • Nest Labs’ unique approach to customer service
  • And more!

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From the magazine: John Moses, head of customer support at Nest Labs

Nest is at war with the status quo. We want to challenge what people have been trained to believe about their homes and the products that are on their walls, like thermostats or smoke detectors, and say it doesn’t have to be that way.