Fintech & the customer experience – free e-book

With a strong focus on UI and UX, fintech is shaking up the finance industry for the better. But while designing and launching products is important, retaining and delighting customers requires a whole other set of competencies. Discover best practices, trends and insights from TELUS International, customer service partner to some of the most iconic brands in the industry.


This e-book covers:

  • How fintechs are redefining the customer experience beyond financial services
  • The top partnership models for delivering enhanced customer experience and innovation
  • Best practices for retaining Millennial customers in fintech
  • Keys to building consumer trust while enhancing your brand

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From the e-book

Disruptive industry trends like the digitalization of traditional services, along with increasingly demanding customer segments like Millennials, small businesses and the underbanked are making it even more critical (and difficult) for financial service providers to garner customer loyalty and trust for the long haul.