The Patient Experience: Optimizing customer service for better health outcomes – e-book

The digital era has issued in a new frontier for the healthcare industry. Never before have consumers been so empowered when it comes to their health, and with more information, comes increased options and greater competition. Discover industry trends, best practices and expert insights from TELUS International, serving the customer experience and digital services needs of today’s healthcare leaders.


This e-book covers:

  • The top patient experience tech trends in healthcare
  • How to leverage artificial intelligence for proactive customer service
  • Balancing patient privacy, innovation and customer service in today’s IoT era
  • The leading health-tech companies reshaping the industry

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From the e-book:

Online reviews, wearables, mobile apps, telemedicine and more, are all contributing to a better informed patient, and a more competitive marketplace. In turn, customer service has become a differentiator, with consumers carefully contemplating and selecting healthcare and insurance providers based on the overall patient experience and the level of customer service delivered.