Delivering Omnichannel Customer Experience¬†–¬†a guide for implementation

Omnichannel implementation may sound daunting, but organizations with a well-planned approach and strategy are quick to reap the rewards. Everest Group, in partnership with TELUS International, has released its second paper in a two-part series, (grab part 1 here), offering a practical guide to successful omnichannel execution.



This assessment tool and guide includes:

  • An omnichannel ¬†implementation checklist on managing people, process and technology
  • Critical success factors for an omnichannel transition
  • Metrics and methods to assess post-implementation effectiveness


Free guide and checklist:

From the report

Measuring the success of an omnichannel transition is a challenge for firms, as multiple touchpoints are managed together, driving both customer and business outcomes. The key is to understand that success cannot be attributed to one particular channel or location, but rather, to evaluating and optimizing a holistic set of touchpoints along the customer journey.