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As competition increases, it’s more important than ever to carve out a competitive edge

As competition increases, it’s more important than ever to carve out a competitive edge

This often requires very specific tactics and “out of the box” thinking. We can tailor our services even further to address our clients’ increasing demands for deeper analytics, documentation, reporting and knowledge management.

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Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Our extended BPI practice seeks to improve the quality of process outputs through continuous process improvement, knowledge management and best practices sharing. We use data to identify and remove defects and minimize variability in business processes. The majority of our operational team leaders are trained in Lean Six Sigma. And in nearly every case, our BPI engagements result in KPI improvements in CSAT, L2R, FCR and/or sales conversion rates, as well as cost savings and cycle time improvements.

Process recording and documentation

We believe in bringing order to complexity. Our world-class process recording and documentation service does just that by providing transparency for audit compliance, documenting aging workforce procedures and/or identifying process improvements. From external consultations to internal client projects, our services cover training, transitions, compliance, process redesign and client requirements.

Process recording and documentation can be stand-alone, or in combination with our Business Process Improvement (BPI) or other services.

Analytics and business intelligence

For clients looking to dive deeper into analyzing their customers’ conversations, TELUS International offers both Speech and Text Analytics solutions (Verint), along with Business Intelligence tools (QlikView), to gather valuable intelligence from thousands – even millions – of customer interactions. When made actionable, this Voice of the Customer analysis, along with detailed Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, can be your competitive advantage, helping you enhance customer satisfaction while managing performance, processes and costs.

Learning and knowledge management

A commitment to a customer-focused culture starts with people. This means empowering your frontline and supporting teams to truly excel at their work when serving customers. Working in partnership with our clients, we combine the strategy, curriculum and learning technology to deliver an optimized customer experience.

For quick and proven agent on-boarding, our New Hire Toolkit can be fully customized to support your brand, culture and learning objectives. Likewise, our customized Knowledge Bases ensure that your team members always have the tools they need to support customers.

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Did you know?

For one large telecom, our Lean Six Sigma engagement improved CSAT by 39% and FCR by 21%.