Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Combining performance improvements and cost savings

Employing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, we remain focused on desired customer outcomes. Our BPI practice has experience conducting fast-path process mapping, documentation and data gathering that involves assessing the key business processes through side-by-side client observation, data analysis, management validations and debriefs.

We take a “walk the floor” Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach, assessing the call center environment and offering recommendations for streamlining processes and improving the customer experience. Process intelligence is built into every client account and when needed, our BPI practice can take the analysis even deeper.

With 70% of our leaders Lean Six Sigma trained, we can focus on improving the quality of process outputs by using data to identify and remove defects while minimizing variability in business processes. This results in KPI improvements in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Likelihood to Recommend (L2R), First Call Resolution (FCR), Sales Conversion Rates, and more, as well as cost savings and cycle time improvements.

Our process-intelligence culture:

Our process-intelligence framework

Results-driven experience

One large consumer electronics client was experiencing impressive growth resulting in backlogged orders and escalations. Via a BPI engagement, we achieved:

  • 80% reduction in escalations
  • SLA improvement from 73% to 91%
  • Annual costs savings of almost $80,000

Working with a telecom client, our BPI team used Voice of Customer and Pareto analyses resulting in:

  • CSAT score increase of 39%
  • FCR increase of 21%
  • Average CSR Satisfaction Rating improvement from 76% to 82%
  • Annual cost savings of $68,000

Download the brochure: BPI drives performance improvement and cost savings for clients

Did you know?

Best-in-class provider relationships encompass end-to-end service metrics rather than just narrowly focusing on service level agreements. By doing so, total cost of ownership will decrease and customer satisfaction will increase.

Did you know?

We invest in our team, and in turn, the success of our clients with 70% of our leaders across the globe being Six Sigma trained.