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Discover TELUS International’s Learning Excellence Solutions and how we can help empower your support teams to deliver exceptional customer service.

As global leaders in the BPO industry and valued partners to our clients, we understand how to grow and develop team members to drive improved performance and enhanced customer experience.

Solution highlights: Learning Design & Development

Our customized New Hire Toolkit focuses on talent onboarding and development. We start with templated learning tools that are proven to quickly ramp up client programs and drive results. We then customize these tools to reflect the client’s brand, culture and learning objectives.

Well versed in contact center and customer care learning and development best practices, our instructional design experts can help build and refine your training materials to fully leverage today’s tech-savvy students. We are focused on ensuring your New Hire Training is the most effective possible. As a result, we utilize a variety of learning methodologies to maximize learner engagement, subject matter retention, and training stickiness.

Because we understand some clients already have extensive training materials, our process is flexible, and even modular, designed to build programs from existing materials as well as from scratch. By using a proven design and development process, we are able to move efficiently from analysis to design, development, implementation and evaluation, while ensuring a continuous focus on meeting client requirements.

Our custom learning development process:

Our client needs
Our learning and development process
  1. Analysis. We evaluate your needs to understand your requirements and how best to support your end-customers, while quickly and efficiently focusing on setting up your team members for success.
  2. Design. Using our New Hire Toolkit as a foundation, we design a measurable learning framework that aligns with your brand, customer profile, look and feel, and specific requirements.
  3. Development. We build out all of the learning programs and maintain alignment to the outcomes and learning objectives identified during the analysis phase, using a variety of tools and learning methodologies to maximize learning stickiness for each team member.
  4. Implementation. We deliver a pilot program, assess its effectiveness, and recommend any necessary changes before going live. Typically, our programs are 95% complete during the pilot stage.
  5. Evaluation. Post launch, we continually evaluate the program using the Kirkpatrick model to ensure that the learning is effective in addressing defined outcomes and learning objectives.

Knowledge Bases

We offer three customizable Knowledge Base (KB) configurations to enable team members to quickly access information. This is useful for clients who have documents, policies and other information that changes regularly. By storing information in a KB from the start, we can educate team members during New Hire Training on how to access – at their fingertips – the latest customer service information.

Each KB configuration enables customization, adjustments for brand (look and feel), and content management. In order to determine the correct configuration, we will conduct a thorough needs analysis with your organization.

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Using virtual training, technology and avatars, agent knowledge and retention increased by up to 40% (results from a client program launch at TELUS International Central America).