Process recording and documentation

Capturing details with minimal client impact

When it comes to process recording and documentation, the traditional approach requires a professional technical writer to interview Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) multiple times as documents are drafted, edited, revised and finalized. Our AGILE Documentation Service (based on the framework of: Assess, Generate, Integrate, Lead, and Execute) streamlines this process requiring a single interview and one review cycle for the client SME.

Sample TELUS International AGILE engagement:

Our AGILE method

Why record and document?

Process recording and documentation brings discipline to doing things better. It’s often the first step in identifying process efficiencies and process standardization. Our clients have benefited from these services in several ways:

      • Minimized risk during BPO transitions
      • Identified standard operating procedures (SOP) for knowledge retention, improvement, compliance, system upgrades and training
      • Documented process flows for determining scope of outsourcing including onshore, nearshore and offshore strategies
      • Defined the interlinks between processes transitioned to TELUS International and those retained by the client
      • Identified further opportunities within the entire value stream

From external consultations to internal client projects, our documentation services cover training, transitions, compliance, process redesign and client requirements. Services can be stand-alone, or in combination with our Business Process Improvement (BPI) or other services.

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